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Mystery rooms raise the adrenaline

The two rooms with riddles - Hacker Room and Egypt Room - offer an hour of emotions that will check your logical thinking, combinational and teamwork skills. And of course - a lot of mood in the team spirit for victory! And something very unique for Bulgaria - the puzzle room "Egypt" is the first in the country game room made for younger children.

The exciting expedition "Egypt" is for children from 4 to 12 years of age! The challenges of Hacker are for children over 8 years and adults. Teams that take the "thrown glove" and enter the rooms among the many puzzles and surprises can be from two to six people. Of course, kids will not be alone. Participants between 14 and 17 years of age must be accompanied by someone who is at least 18 years of age. Children under 12 should be adults.


Hello, 4 days ago we were guests of your Escape rooms and we managed to complete the Hacker's room. We can not help saying that the game was tricky, it took us adrenaline, we were pressed by time, and we have to think very cleverly. Well, we managed to beat the room and make it more than wonderful. A different way to spend an hour with the family. Bravo to the team!

The trio

Dudes bravo! You've started this year execellent too. The last year I was with my colleagues in Escape rooms in Lucky Bansko, but this year was even more spectacular. Congratulations for the decor, the puzzle elements, the complexity of the games.

Ivelin Karaivanov

I would say that the level is pretty good! Huge plus to the hotel's attractions!

George S.

Super fun place! Actually, this is our second escape room in our life and at least for now we can say that it's also the best! :)


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Bansko, 10, Kir Blago Todev str
Aparthotel Lucky Bansko

N 41° 50.534'
E 023° 29.092 862

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