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What is a game where you have to go for some time?

This is a game where you have to deal with solving puzzles in a locked room. You have time to make your escape.
Is the player is "locked room"? Really it locked?

Yes exactly! Do not worry, we have a staff that monitor you during the game and after the time unlocks the door / or during an emergency /.
Is it necessary to make a reservation to participate?

Yes, participation in all games require a reservation.
Do you take visitors without pre-registration?

Yes, as long as there are vacancies.
When is it best to make the registration for participation?

You can register for participation at any time. However if you prefer to participate in the weekend it  is advisable to register 1 week in advance.
How can I make registration for participation?

To make your registration to participate, you should visit our website or contact us by telephone call.
Is it possible for the team  to include additional participant, can he/she participate in the game?

The maximum number of players is 6. May include new players at any time.
When you need to plan your arrival for the game?

It is advisable to make your registration 15 minutes before the game, then you can use if necessary sanitary facilities, you will get clarifications and answers to your questions about the game before being locked in a room.
Are escape games scary?

Escape games are suitable for all ages
What happens if you have made registration, but an emergency arises and you can not get involved in the game?

Please call in advince to inform us for missing your game and to make a new booking.
What is the duration of a game?

By itself, the game lasts 60 minutes.
We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the start time of your game, foreseeing another 15 minutes in case of questions. In short, it is required to take about 90 minutes.
Can they take pictures during the game, if you would like to document everything you experience?

Of course they can take pictures, but only in our waiting room. Photo and video recording are not allowed during the games. We would like to ensure that the games remain a mystery, so that everyone who comes to have fun!


Hello, 4 days ago we were guests of your Escape rooms and we managed to complete the Hacker's room. We can not help saying that the game was tricky, it took us adrenaline, we were pressed by time, and we have to think very cleverly. Well, we managed to beat the room and make it more than wonderful. A different way to spend an hour with the family. Bravo to the team!

The trio

Dudes bravo! You've started this year execellent too. The last year I was with my colleagues in Escape rooms in Lucky Bansko, but this year was even more spectacular. Congratulations for the decor, the puzzle elements, the complexity of the games.

Ivelin Karaivanov

I would say that the level is pretty good! Huge plus to the hotel's attractions!

George S.

Super fun place! Actually, this is our second escape room in our life and at least for now we can say that it's also the best! :)


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