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20 reasons to visit the escape room

20 reasons to visit the escape room

 If you've never visited an escape room before, you should know that this is a game that will make you look for clues and solve puzzles to escape the room.

We share with you 20 reasons why it's a great idea to book a fun day in an escape room.


1. Challenge

You need an intelligent team that can escape the room before your time runs out. To succeed, you have to think fast. Some puzzles will require many people to unlock different clues. Other puzzles may require you to look at the problem from anunconventional angle, to find the solution.


2. Strengthening relationships with loved ones

Not surprisingly, people enjoy the games that the escape room offers. They make us live for the moment where we have to rely on ourselves and our team to get out. Working together to achieve a common goal and communicate effectively brings people together in a way that other entertainment opportunities cannot.



3. Different roles are played

It can be fun to be a different person for a day, or see how you would experience reality differently. Being a detective solving a murder case, for example. Or being a spy trying to figure out the location of an important meeting. The possibilities for roles are endless in the middle of an escape room.


4. Thematic

Escape rooms are basedon themes, making role-playing games much more fun. You can be anywhere at any time.

The game may be based in 2100, where you find yourself on an abandoned spaceship in dead space. ** You and your crew ** decide to board the ship, but soon realize that you are not alone ...


5. You can completely immerse yourself in your character

To have more fun when you play, feel free to go dressed in a full outfit for your new character. Escape rooms are much more fun when everyone is completely immersed in the game.

There are no acting actors and no one knows what to expect,which makes them more exciting. The more each player immerses himself in the game, the more fun he will feel during the game.

20 reasons to visit the escape room


6. It's fun for the whole family

Escape rooms are ideal for anyone between the ages of 12 and 100.  If most or all of your family members are over 12, playing in an escape room is a great way to get together while having fun.

The escape room can also be much more fun than table games at home. It takes you out of the house and you are completely immersed in an extremely fun environment. Which will take you away from electronics - mobile phones, internet or TV.


7. Escape rooms are like video games in reality

For those who love video games, we can't imagine a better place for them than  Escape Room.

There is excitement, tension and you have to solve a puzzle. For anyone who spends too much time at home playing video games, this is a great way to go out and have fun with other people. You may even find that your skills translate well into the ** escape game **!

20 reasons to visit the escape room


8. Great exercise for your brain

Your brain needs exercisejust as much as your body needs it. Playing in an escape room is a perfect exercise that can keep your brain young and functioning in a healthy way. This is because these rooms are like a big puzzle. Puzzles that will make you think hard.

You will expand your levels of creative energy and increase your concentration.


9. It's fun

The best part is that escape rooms are mega fun.

There are so many things to worry about these days that it's imperative that we take the time to do fun things. You will feel as if you have control over your life again in this crazy world.


10. Feel the adrenaline

If you love thriller movies, then escape rooms are very suitable for you, because the experience is extremely exciting and quite similar to watching a good movie! The game's adventure offers complete fun and an unforgettable experience, which you can appreciate forever.


11. Excellent social activity

You don't have to be a business team,to enjoy an escape room. You can go with friends or family!

20 reasons to visit the escape room


12. Stress test

Playing in an escape room is an opportunity to test how well you will withstand stress. Escape rooms test much of your character, your ability to get along with others, and your critical thinking skills


13. Improves communication skills

Another positive side effect of escape room is improved communication. This is because you will need to clearly communicate your ideas to the other players on your team in order to successfully leave the room on time.


14. Rest from sitting in front of a screen

Everyone knows that we spend too much time on smartphones and tablets. Even when we finish our work day, we will most likely go home and watch TV or chat with someone. Escape rooms are a fantastic way to have fun whilespending less time in front of devices that are harmful to our health.


15. You will use your time management skills effectively

In each escape room you are given limited time (usually 1 hour)to escape. On top of that you have up to 30 puzzles to solve! You will see how fast an hour can pass, especially under pressure!


16. Stimulates the imagination

Another great reason to visit an escape room is the fact that it's a great way to stimulate your imagination. The scenarios presented in the escape room are amazing!

20 reasons to visit the escape room


17. They are suitable for a romantic date

A new trend for couples is to visit an escape room. This is certainly quite different compared to going to a restaurant or disco.


18. You will learn new things about yourself

This means not only testing your intellectual abilities, but alsolearning your ability to act in extreme situations. Although the challenges you have to deal with in such a room are not real, the emotions are.

It's always interesting to see how a player behaves when there is still a riddle to be solved, but the clock shows that there are only a few seconds left. Do you know how well you think and act under pressure?


19. You will create unique memories

The whole experience in an escape roomleaves you with the feeling of achievement and you will certainly not forget it.


20. And why not?

Honestly we see no reason not to visit an escape room. Even if the list above doesn't convince you, we believe you're at least intrigued enough to check if these reasons are true.

Escape room games really aren't just pure fun. The time you spend there is both exciting and intellectually engaging. The experience you will get in an escape room is useful even in real life. Who wouldn't want to try this?


Escape rooms at Lucky Bansko left us an unforgettable winter memory! We cannot wait to organize our next winter vacation here again with the kids!


It was a wonderful adventure! We have traveled a lot but we don't have much of escape room experience so far! Thanks to the escape rooms at Lucky Bansko, we actually consider going for more!

Teo and Sonya

We went out in 35 minutes! Extreme adrenaline! Special thanks to the organizers, the decor and the atmosphere were great!


In fact, there is a lot of exploration and trickness in the rooms. Each of the adventures is unique, and I felt like playing them differently. I cannot tell which room is my favorite, but I really liked parts of both. Unfortunately, I cannot describe them without revealing some of the surprises (sorry!). :)

F. Ross

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